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. listening to jay carney just a moment ago at the white house, he certainly was sort of backing off the idea of anything that had to do with the short-term debt ceiling. unclear if that is part of the discussion, maybe a longer term extension of the debt ceiling which i know everyone around here would probably breathe a sigh of relief on because we would just be back in this crisis mode in six weeks. >> with the latest horrible poll numbers for republicans, is it fair to say, is it safe to assume that obama care at least for now is off the table in order to raise the debt ceiling and reopen the government? >> reporter:s far as republicans go, no. it is not safe to assume that at all. having said that, talking to a couple of republican senators who were in a meeting with the president just today, he made clear again in private what he has said in public, which is fine, i know there are issues with obama care. nothing is perfect, especially something as big and important as a health care law like this, but we're not going to talk about changing it until after the debt ceiling is raised, until
the pentagon knew about it and justice department knew about it. you saw them yesterday. going after jay carney and trying to nail it down. and moments ago, they had a similar exchange and if we get a moment we'll play it for you. you got to figure out when the white house was aware it was a possibility. >> you have to pull the hillary clinton suspension of disbelief that the white house didn't know it would be an issue and yet they can call harry reid in the senate and say pass that bill it is an outrage and they kwoent and can't. they want to turn the heat up and people are outraged by this. and i think it will back fire, but they think it will be channelled to the republicans that plays to their political advantage. >> it is a washington monument strategy and using vets and military families to do this. and it hurts the militia families. >> and here is the answer from jay carney. the answer only now. >> when i can tell you in the evening walk with chief of staff dennis mcdonagh. the president raised the concern about death benefits not paid. and mr. mcdonagh said they were trying to find a s
got that sense from listening to the white house briefing earlier today. interesting that jay carney, the spokesman waited, until after the markets close which i know you understand better than anybody to give the briefing. it wasn't as optimistic as it was last night. we're getting the same sense hear from the house that those talks are not as fruitful as everybody would have hoped. so because of that, i'm definitely getting a sense from republicans in the senate. not just them. they wanted to give them a little time. maybe in the next 24 to 48 hours, you're likely to see senate republicans and democrats go ahead and try to move something to increase the debt ceiling, to reopen the government, something a lot of conservatives in the house won't like but they can pass the senate because it is led by democrats and it would be up too, to, at the end day, whatever the it is, to make sure it doesn't default and to reopen the government which republicans pretty much union an hisly hear inside the wall and privately admit it is hurting their party. >> thank you very much. i want to bring i
's unacceptable to the president, he's made that clear. >> jay carney reacting to john boehner's earlier proposal. house republicans about to enter the white house for a separate meeting with the president of the united states. john boehner, earlier in the day, proposed a six-week extension, raising the debt ceiling in exchange, the government would remain shut down but a dialogue presumably would continue, a condition laid out by the house speaker and the majority whip, kevin mccarthy, that house senate conferrees would begin to discuss the budget even while the government remained partially shut down. you heard jay carney say while extending the debt ceiling for six weeks is an encouraging sign, direct quote, the president doesn't want to engage in that house/senate dialogue while the government remains partially shutdown. let's get some analysis. brianna keilar standing by, chief congressional correspondent, dana bash, chief political analyst, gloria borger. i think -- i think, brianna, he was precise there. they want -- what they call a clean piece of legislation exextending the debt ceiling
on the search for a way out of this stalemate. we'll have live coverage. jay carney, the press secretary, getting ready to be questioned by reporters. >>> also right now, conservatives are rallying here in washington. anyone who thinks they have for gotten about obama care needs to think again. we're going there for a live report. >>> welcome to our viewers. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. will it be deal or no deal? that's the big question on this. day 11 of the partial government shutdown. this could be a crucial day in the fiscal stalemate. senate republicans, they came to the white house about an hour and a half or so ago. earlier in the day for talks with the president. as of right now they're getting ready to leave the white house, we're told. let's hope that's a good sign, talks yesterday with house republicans were described as, quote, good and useful. it was the first in at least some progress in this continuing stalemate. jim acosta is over at the white house. dana bash is here with me in the d.c. studio. jim, let's start with you right now. i guess the meeting has
with this president. that is one of the major questions to jay carney if and when that briefing starts, wolf. >> we'll see how long it's delayed if it's delayed. we'll have live coverage here on cnn. jim, thanks very much. we're waiting for jay carney. we'll get reaction from the white house. you're looking at live pictures from the briefing room in the west wing. once he starts answering reporters' questions, we'll bring it to you live right here in the "cnn newsroom." many steps remain before it becomes law. what happens next? here are five things to look for right now. any deal passed by the senate or house has to be adopted by the other chamber without any changes. if their bills are different, the house and senate will the conference to create a unified bill. then there would be further debate procedural votes and amendments in the senate. it would need at least 60 votes to overcome any filibusters. after a unified bill has passed in both chambers, it would then go to president obama for his signature. if he likes it, he signs it. he could veto it and then the process begins all over again. ju
. >> jay carney says the white house is observing judgement until they see final bill language. senate democrats said they would like a longer debt ceiling increase but the president s he would sign a longer deal. >> let's talk about the military pay for the fallen families. the senate just in the last hour or so passed, jay carney saying that the president wouldn't sign this bill because fisher house has stepped up to pay the families. is the president off the hook? >> jay carney saying he didn't think it was necessary because fisher house is becoming a government contractor after the shut down is over. the question is when the president first knew about this problem. >> in his evening walk with chief of staff dennis mcdonnough on tuesday, he said they were trying to find a solution and that the act did not appear to fix it. the president directed him to get it solved within 24 hours. that in response to a question from our clolleague ed henry, nt presigcisely when the president found out about this. for more on the shut down, let's bring in fox news host. we heard the nuts and bolds
and senate democrats as well as we're awaiting this press conference from jay carney in the white house press briefing room, which by the way we have seen the president come in there before for a cameo appearance. cheryl: david, i want to point out as we saw numbers, saw same thing yesterday you and i were seeing. that is the fact as the numbers settle "after the bell" rings, dow tick higher and higher. we saw the same action yesterday as we closed higher. david: before we look at headlines, look at russell 2000. this is small and mid-sized caps. we really struggle for the small and mid-size companies that face all kinds of questions what their futures are like. they did well today. cheryl: let's get some headlines. we may see jay carney in the press briefing room any moment. president obama and house speaker bone bone spoke on the phone. we're finding out they spoke on the phone about the budget and debt ceiling negotiation. we'll go to the washington for latest details. at any moment we expect to see jay carney. david: meanwhile there are effects to all of this people are five just nellies
device tax in order to get a deal to reopen the government. jay carney denied that that ever happened although that certainly sounds like a negotiation. and boehner aides today said carney was simply not telling the truth, bret. >> ed, thank you. want to bring in now chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel. mike, this is process. a lot of people get caught up in this behind the scenes, but right now john boehner is counting heads. and right now it appears he does not have the votes to get this bill through because primarily because one big conservative organization just came out against it. >> reporter: well, that's right, bret. heritage action instantly put out a response encouraging conservatives to vote no on it concerned that it doesn't do anything about obama care. sure, it adds congressional staffers and congress back onto obama care, but doesn't do anything long-term about the cost. and so it was encouraging conservatives to vote no. i heard gasps here on capitol hill and instantly you heard concerns that conservatives may fall off this measure. and whether they have the
coverage. stand by for that. jay carney is getting ready to answer the questions. >>> meanwhile, here's the latest that we have. president obama has invited the house democratic caucus to the white house. 219 house members would support what is called a continuing resolution to reopen the government with no strings attached. that's two more than the number needed but the measure is unlikely to reach the house floor at least for now. meanwhile, a senior house republican tells cnn that gop members may be willing to back a short-term debt ceiling increase if the president agrees to negotiate during that time. as the stalemate drags on, the house speaker john boehner today turned his attention back to obama care and he blasted the rollout of the program. >> what a train wreck. how can we tax people for not buying a product from a website that doesn't work. how can you give big businesses a tax break and leave hardworking families out in the cold. this is why we need to sit down and have a conversation about the big challenges that face our country. >> the senate majority leader harry reid
tried to get answers from jay carney. >> he asked for the omb and his lawyers to take action. >> why didn't he have action taken before today though? >> you have to work out a process. unless you are willing to write the check, ed. it takes time. it takes time to -- are you suggesting we don't, ed? >> there are people who care about about it who want it done quickly. >> it's getting done today. >> why won't you tell us whp the president learned? yes, the day before? >> ed, i can tell you when the president found out he was disturbs and asked his lawyers and the omb to work on a solution. we expect a solution today. this is not complicated. i know you are trying to make it a partisan issue. >> nice try. >> but ed -- >> you won't tell uh us when the president learned. you said he wants to move quickly. >> when he learned about it, he asked for -- directed those who work for him to find a solution. we ex expect a solution today. >> ed henry joins us live from the white house with breaking news on this. you never the did get jay carney to answer that simple question, but you kept working
our chief white house correspondent tried to get answers from jay carney. >> he asked for the omb and his lawyers to take action. >> why didn't he have action taken before today though? >> you have to work out a process. unless you are willing to write the check, ed. it takes time. it takes time to -- are you suggesting we don't, ed? >> there are people who care about about it who want it done quickly. >> it's getting done today. >> why won't you tell us whp the president learned? yes, the day before? >> ed, i can tell you when the president found out he was disturbs and asked his lawyers and the omb to work on a solution. we expect a solution today. this is not complicated. i know you are trying to make it a partisan issue. >> nice try. >> but ed -- >> you won't tell uh us when the president learned. you said he wants to move quickly. >> when he learned about it, he asked for -- directed those who work for him to find a solution. we ex expect a solution today. >> ed henry joins us live from the white house with breaking news on this. you never the did get jay carney to answer tha
press secretary jay carney is about to take the microphone. and we'll monitor what he has to say about possible negotiations to end the government shutdown as he speaks. and as we close out the 11th day of the government shutdown, there is now some hope of an 11th-hour resolution. to avert the one thing that's even more terrifying, a government default. after a two-week stalemate, there are signs that the establishment gop is now striking back against the tea party insurgents who have sewn anarchy and mayhem within their own party. and most importantly, people are now talking. this afternoon, the president wrapped up a series of meetings with lawmakers, hosting senate republicans, including wacko bird, ted cruz, at the white house. senator lindsay graham characterized the meeting just a brief time ago. >> if we negotiated, if we had done this a couple weeks ago, we wouldn't be where we are today. i think you'll see something come out of the house in the next 24 hours to reopen the entire government. that will have changes to obama care, that will not destroy the program, but make it be
in day 15. you just heard jay carney say the white house likes basically what they're hearing from senate democrats and republicans but doesn't like be what they're hearing from the republican leadership in the house of representatives. looks like there's some serious problems under way right now, just 4 hours or so until this deadline is reached when the nation's debt ceiling needs to be raised. and nap navarro is a cnn political commentator who is joining us right now. you see light at the end of this tunnel over the next 48 hours, anna, or is this gloom and doom? >> you know, i don't feel it's optimistic it's going to be a quick resolution as i did yesterday. i do see some light at the end of the tunnel. i do think it is a serious proposal by boehner. i think the senate also put up a serious proposal. i'm not hearing the white house say dead on arrival. they're continuing to say we need to analyze the bill. we haven't seen the language. so it's not the flat no. we have definitely come a very long way from where we started 15, 16, 17 days ago, would ef. >> do you think that john boehner
the president has offered -- he offered this on tuesday in the press conference. jay carney was asked outright, if you are asked to short-term -- if you were offered a short- term extension of the debt ceiling, would you do it? jay carney answered yes. look at the transcript. they reason they answered yes was every day you approach the debt limit, it is very -- >> now they want to walk back. ofnow they have an offer november 22. willt the question is, they open up the government? >> put yourself in the position of a member of congress. whether you are liberal or conservative, democrat or republican. do you want to have a series of painful, link the votes that are unpopular? or do you want one vote? you want to vote once and get it behind you. >> it takes work. >> all right. get it out of the way. more on the new health care law. >> these are things that we already knew. it is going to be really complex. >> executives have been warning the administration monthly that this system is not ready for prime time. >> that was democratic congressman robert andrews from new jersey and health care consul
process stinks. the secretary of defense screwed up, omb, white house aides screw up and now jay carney is busily pointing fingers everywhere else. congress solved it once. they can solve it twice. maybe the second time the administration will accept the fix. >> you know what's so appalling about it is the first time i heard about it, i almost fell over. you heard about the four soldiers coming back to dover. i'm sure the family doesn't have extra cash lying around. what were we going do? ups the remains home? what were they thinking? every single american, if we had learned about this, we would have jumped on it to get the money to try to help pay for this. for our government to spend nine days letting this fall through the cracks and then for jay carney to say it needs necessary because they could do it with some sort of private deal with a private organization, you know, it's shocking. >> well, let's compliment fisher house and particularly ken fisher for stepping forward on this in order to do what the united states government on behalf of the grateful american people should be and
their senate colleagues. press secretary jay carney moments ago confming the constructive talks that have begun. >>he talks have been constructive in that there is a recognition, at least among some republans and repuican leaders that shutdown is not good for the american people or the american economy. and that the threat of the full is damaging to the economy and this would be catastrophically damaging to the economand the american peop andt looks like there is a possibily of making some progress here. >> within minutes of that statement, jay carney flatly denied that any negotiations are taking place between the whi house and republicans. but with a collection of brand-new polls that show the public is tiringf this stalemate,nd all street responding poitively and strongly to the possibility of a deal and pressure is mounin for both the president and the house republicans. fox correspondent ed henry has the report. rerter: white husaides declared the talks ar in a better place in just a few days ago. d so the president obama was pleased with thehone conversationhat he had wth john boehner. >>
to the white house, in his statement, jay carney, the press secretary said quote the president thought it was important to talk directly with the members who forced this economic crisis on the country doesn't exactly found like the welcome mat, neil? >> thank you. lots of name-calling by both sides ahead of these talks. bernie marcus on is that really accomplishing anything? do you argue that it's not vernon, in this environment, no one is really comporting themselves like supposedly the leaders they are, right? >> well, you just heard that the president wants to talk to congress. he is not talking with congress. so, you know, that -- neil, it seems like you have two intransigent sides that are not willing to talk to each other. obviously the president has said we will talk later. give me what i want may go past the end. i will give you the price side. do you want to hear a bright side a lot of bureaucrats are out of work. bureaucracies aren't functioning today's all of these people, i'm sorry they're not getting a paycheck. they are going to get their money eventually. congress is goi
day. at any moment we do expect as the markets are closing, david, we may be hearing from jay carney in the briefing room at the white house. david: sometimes they have a surprise visitor in there. if you know what i'm talking about. this is the white house briefing room. he doesn't have to walk far. the president comes in late afternoon meetings to make special announcements there is forth with democratic senators, republican senators, say that again, produceer? all right, we have nicole petallides, as you can see the market is rising on expectations of some kind of deal in formulation. let's get to nicole before we go to jay carney. let's look to gold because that has been sinking like a rock. >> gold is $27 to the downside at 1270 a troy ounce. the days of 1300, 1400, right now seem far, far away. we're seeing gold stocks down with it. cheryl::nicole, shares of safeeay, one of the top performers in the s&p on the heels of big announcement. >> 52-week high for safeway, exiting the chicago area for their dom nix chain which is notable drag on the company -- dominic's chain. they'rr
. >> reporter: white house spokesman jay carney continues to play a game of semantics insisting the president is not technically negotiating but speaking his mind behind closed doors. >> senate should expect the president to express his views on how we ought to move forward. i don't think republican senators held back or republican house members have held back when expressing how they think we ought to move forward. >> reporter: a new nbc news/"the wall street journal" poll found that when it comes to the president's strategy of not negotiating until the government is reopened and debt ceiling raised, 30% strongly agree and 10% somewhat agree with the president. though 36% strongly disagree and 7% somewhat disagree. though the same poll shows there is far more pressure on republicans to get a deal. asked who is more to blame for the shutdown, 31% said the president, while 53% said republicans in congress. and 13% said they hold equal blame. meanwhile, voters gave the republican party its lowest numbers in the history of "the wall street journal" polling which dates to 1989 with more than twic
is now three hours late and counting. we're awaiting jay carney at any moment. whatever could they be talking about behind the scenes? i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the national lead. the republicans floated an offer. will the white house accept it and if so, how much longer until we get our government back? we're waiting on a very tardy briefing from the white house. >>> the politics lead. it's like bonneru for people you would never see there. three days of conservative speeches and strategy and the organizer says the real leader of the republican party is not the one cutting the deals right now. >>> and the money lead. a fish out of water moment on capitol hill today. one of the captains from the hit show "deadliest catch" putting congress on the hook for threatening his livelihood with the shutdown. we begin with the national lead. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. first it was at 1:00 p.m., then 1:30, then 2:45, now just after 4:00 p.m. eastern and the white house briefing is only now about to begin. we will bring it to you live when jay carney comes out ther
harry reid was saying today as the fact that this would get fixed, and now jay carney has just said the president believes this will be fixed today. so you're going to find extraordinary action. when they want to do something, when they feel political pressure. look, the house is going to vote today. there hasn't been any of the usual rigmorole, if i may, and the senate is going to vote this afternoon and it's going to get signed by the president just like that. why this couldn't happen before hand and why all the others who have so egregiously affected by the shutdown can't be fixed, why the shutdown can't end is a whole other question. tell me more about fisher house. i know more about what you do, but tell our viewers what you do every day for our veterans. >> andrea, fisher house provides a home away from home for families of servicemen and women and veterans requiring hospitalization. there's no charge to stay in the fisher house. they stay in these houses as long as they want to. so fisher house has been primarily about the healing process, but we actually had built one at dov
if he hadn't signed it even though yesterday spokesman jay carney made it sound like the president wouldn't sign. >> first of all, the legislation is not necessarily. our view has been that this piecemeal funding is again, a gimmick. >> this whole thing is for show. this whole government shutdown is for show. >> reporter: so yesterday at the press briefing a the white house, bill, it sounded like the white house was willing to let the fisher house, a charity, foot the bill for these death benefits until the shutdown ended. that would be about $3 million because as of yesterday there were 20 nine military families affected by this. bill: allegations from republicans, you heard these loud and clear, this was all done on purpose. what did you find on that? >> reporter: well, it was interesting, there were real fireworks on capitol hill yesterday during a house hearing which the author of pay our military act which was signed on the eve of the shutdown, republican mike coffman of colorado, accused pentagon comptroller robert hale of playing politics. >> you really i think subordinated
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. here's jay carney talking just about an hour ago. >> we haven't seen anything from the house republicans yet. the president believes they ought to pay our bills. the president believes they ought to turn on the lights, and the president has always been willing to negotiate and work out and find common ground with republicans over our long-term budget priorities, but he's not -- again, going back to the assertion they're going to use punishing the american people as leverage, doing harm to the american economy as leverage, that's unacceptable to the president. i think he's made that clear. >> so david, if the deal comes together, really,dize anything change other than the date of a potential default, because i know americans watching are thinking how is the conversation we're having today going to be any different than the one in six weeks? >> i think that's a great question. you're right to ask it. we will end up being here in six weeks because i think what jay carney has articulated is the fact the republican party is willing to bring us to the brink of a debt default, which
seemed to do an about face. jay carney came out and implied that the president had no intension of signing that bill and then he said it is up to the fisher house they stepped up and then the president signs it. what do you make of that? >> it is interesting. jay carney was asked about that and he said we don't need a congressional solution on this. senator read said that it was really legally viable. i'm guessing here that, that was behind the scenes and it sets a bit of a present that this was one thing that the president signed legislatively and there are bills that the president has not taken up. >> one of the things that mentioned was that it was simply a loan. that they would be paid back. there was a deal that wasn't a loan that was apparently turned down by this administration. it is the worst thing that this country has ever done allows these families to come to dover air force base on their own money. that was apparently by arnold fisher. what does that say about the president then? >> well, it says first of all, that the administration did not handle this the right wa
to nation. also embarrassing, this exchange between white house correspondent ed henry and jay carney. >> jay, when did the president learn specifically that the military death benefits would not be paid. >> again, ed, for the third time. >> i didn't hear that question. >> it was asked. i can tell you when he did learn -- >> was that yesterday? >> ed, i don't know specifically. >> but carney certainly should know. he's stonewalling. president obama know whence he learned of it. so why doesn't jay carney? that's exactly what happened in the benghazi scandal. stonewalling. the left was outraged when richard nixon did that kind of stuff but is largely silent now. this is not a partisan analysis. stonewalling is not what our leekted officials are supposed to do. now, there is some movement in washington on the shutdown. reports say there may be a dale on short-term debt. there's no question that both parties have taken a major hit. president obama's approval rating is down to 37% in the latest associated press poll and a new gallup poll says the party is at a record low with just 28% of a
. never in modern times has this kind of callus behavior been put forth. now, today, jay carney and we're going to talk to ed henry right after you guys, said, you know, the president didn't really know about, this now that he knows about it, colonel peters, he is going to correct and we are going to reimburse the fisher house for their experience expenses. the government is going to make it all right. what do you think about that? >> well, i think it's a disgraceful scandal. i agree that hagel certainly should go because, if he didn't know about it, it means he is not in control of his department. if he did know about it and did nothing, then, my god,. >> bill: he has got to go. he had to know. hagel had to know. i'm not sure president obama knew or not, because he is under such, you know, intense pressure from all sides. it's possible he didn't know. but, hagel surely knew. and it's hagel's duty to tell the commander and chief hey, we can't have this. >> may i just point out, bill, that while the pentagon has -- and the administration has refused to pay this death benefit to the bere
hour, white house press secretary jay carney called the developments, quote, encouraging. >> the president is happy that cooler heads at least seem to be prevailing in the house, that there at least seems to be a recognition that default is not an option. we'll see what the house republicans propose. we'll see what they're able to pass and consider it then. >> and it is not clear whether a short six-week negotiating window will yield any results, leaving open the possibility that the two sides will be back in this same place during the holiday season. the republican proposal came just hours before 18 top congressional leaders are scheduled to meet with the president at the white house. now, that meeting is scheduled for 4:30 eastern time. president obama originally invited all 232 house republicans to come to the white house, but speaker boehner rejected that request. right now at the white house, president obama and vice president joe biden are meeting with harry reid and the senate democratic caucus. meanwhile, take a look at this. wall street taking the news pretty wel
worked out down the road. we'll get more clarity, we think, in a few minutes when jay carney goes to the podium at the white house briefing room but that's where things stand. the president will sign a short-term debt increase. what happens next, we don't know. >> thank you. dana, let's go to you now. i suppose it says a lot that this, a postponement if you like, is good news. but a postponement is not a solution, is it? >> happy thanksgiving, that's all i have to say. >> happy christmas, by the time it gets sorted. >> i want to clarify i'm getting from republican sources here in capitol hill is, when we say a clean increase in the debt ceiling for six weeks, it depends on your definition of clean. jim is absolutely right, there's nothing about obama care, there are no extraordinary partisan conditions except for this, this, who the white house republicans are proposing would be to increase the debt limit until november 22nd but take way the treasury secretary's ability to use extraordinary measures to kind of move things around. what does that mean in layman's terms, as one repub
-term increase in the nation's debt ceiling to future negotiations. jay carney said that would be giving in to more ransom and something interesting jay carney said during the briefing, anderson, the white house does not want a six-week like increase in the debt ceiling because they feel like that will bring this process, essentially to the point where the nation might be on the edge of default around the holiday shopping season. they don't want that. it's a critical came for the economy. you heart the president's position is basically the same. he wants clean bills to open the government and raise the nation's debt ceiling. they aren't even using the word negotiate at this point, anderson. they said they are talking and listening g listening, they are not looking for the white puff of smoke coming out of the capitol, they are looking for the white flag of surrenderer. >> jay carney using surrenderer. thank you for the updates. >>> the talk and efforts to nominate the gop brand are taking place at the same time and gathering of hard liners and the values voter summit today in washington.
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